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Look no further than BISON if you’re looking for the finest air compressor regulators manufacturer. We offer a wide range of different air regulators to suit all needs and budgets. Whether you are looking for a air compressor regulator or something else entirely, we have what you need at a great price.

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BISON air compressor regulator


वायु कंप्रेसर नियामक

Lightweight, compact and precisely adjustable air compressor regulators

Considerations when choosing the suitable air compressor regulator

Having a compressor is not enough, you need to get other components (air compressor regulator, line pressure gauge, etc.) to help create the best working environment for your compressor. Choosing the right air compressor regulator is not easy. However, with a little research, you can find the most useful and suitable products. This guide will help you.

Benefits of air compressor regulator

Air compressor pressure regulators are pulse dampened

Compressed air is a fluid. Pressure applied at any point in a closed system will be transmitted and felt equally throughout the system.

As a result, the system receiver and lines of your air compressor begin to build up pressure each time it cycles, and the sudden increase in pressure creates a pressure pulse in the compressed air of all the lines in the plant. 

For example, installing air compressor pressure regulators can provide benefits in terms of more consistent cylinder cycling and more consistent rod speed.

Save money with an air compressor regulator

Saving money is yet another excellent reason to use an air compressor pressure regulator and why your air system needs numerous pressure regulators. Turn down the pressure to the minimum functional level in every air application, and you can save a lot on compressed air generation costs.

As an energy source, compressed air is one of the most expensive because it uses other forms of energy in its own generation. Running every cylinder and every air tool at the lowest pressure setting you’re comfortable with will save you money! For this, you need a regulator.

reduce noise

A properly regulated air compressor is usually quieter than an unregulated one. This may help if you are using the compressor in an area where noise is a concern.

There are two types of regulators: pressure-reducing and back-pressure. Pressure-reducing regulators control pressure to the process by sensing the outlet pressure and controlling their own downstream pressure; back-pressure regulators control pressure from the process by sensing inlet pressure and controlling pressure from upstream.

How to Choose the Best Air Compressor Regulator for Your Business?

To properly size a regulator for your chosen application, you must evaluate the downstream equipment flow and pressure requirements.

Smaller regulators are usually direct-acting and non-reducing, while most standard-size regulators will be self-relieving, self-contained diaphragm chamber types. Next, the required airflow must be considered.

You can then choose the desired adjustment screw between a tamper-resistant locking T-shaped or push-lock plastic knob type. The latter is the most common general purpose, tool-free adjustment of working pressure.

Orifice flow rating and connection size can also be used to size air compressor pressure regulators. Under the same operating conditions, a larger valve body regulator will produce better setting sensitivity and less droop.

air flow

Installing a properly sized regulator is key to maintaining the desired pressure. The correct size is usually determined by the flow rate in the system – larger regulators can handle higher flow rates while effectively controlling pressure, while smaller regulators are suitable for lower flow rates. The size of the regulator assembly is also important. For example, it is more effective to control low pressure applications with larger diaphragms or pistons. If you wish to use your air compressor for demanding applications such as sandblasting or painting, you will need a higher flow regulator.

काम का दबाव

Since the primary function of a regulator is to manage work pressure, it is critical to ensure that your selection is rated for maximum, minimum, and operating system pressures. You need to make sure the regulator can handle the maximum pressure your air compressor can provide. Otherwise, you could damage the regulator and air compressor.

work temperature

Industrial processes have a wide temperature range and you should be confident that the regulator you choose will withstand the typical expected operating conditions. Environmental factors are a consideration, along with factors such as fluid temperature and the Joule-Thomson effect, which causes rapid cooling due to pressure drop.

Regulator control type

Most adjusters are either spring loaded or dome loaded. Spring-loaded adjusters are controlled by the operator turning an external knob that controls the force of the spring on the sensing element. In contrast, dome-loaded regulators use fluid pressure inside the system to provide the set pressure for the sensing element. While spring-type adjusters are more common and more familiar to operators, dome-type adjusters can help improve precision in applications that require it, and may be beneficial in automated applications.


Gas pressure regulators use many types of body materials.

  • Acetal polymers have excellent inherent lubricity and are fatigue and chemical resistant. Plastics are used in many medical procedures involving bodily fluids. They are usually ideal for one-time applications.
  • Aluminum is lightweight, resistant to oxidation, and has good electrical and thermal conductivity.
  • Brass also offers good electrical conductivity, along with excellent high temperature ductility and reasonable cold ductility.
  • Cast iron consists primarily of iron, but also contains important traces of carbon and silicon.
  • Steel is a commercial iron that contains carbon as a basic alloying constituent, which is lower in carbon than cast iron and is malleable.
  • Stainless steel is chemical and corrosion resistant and can withstand high pressure. This is the best material for cleanrooms and corrosive fluids.
  • Zinc is a crystalline metallic element that becomes ductile when slightly heated, but becomes brittle at room temperature.

Brass, aluminum, and plastic are the least expensive options.

Additional features

Some gas pressure regulators have internal pressure gauges or pressure relief valves. Others have an integral filter for fluid intake or an additional lubricator for valve operation. Tamper-resistant gas pressure regulators feature safety features, such as locks, that prevent unwanted adjustments.


Finally, you also need to consider price when choosing an air compressor pressure regulator. You don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount of money, but you also don’t want to sacrifice quality. Therefore, a balance must be found between the two when deciding.

BISON is a well-known brand in the air compressor regulator industry. We have been a manufacturer of air compressor regulators for many years with different types of connections including G1/4, G3/8, 1/4″ and 3/8″.

Our products are used in numerous industries including electronics, medical devices, aerospace and automotive manufacturing.

We provide you with high-quality products at competitive prices, and you can use our products to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

We also provide custom designs to meet your requirements, if you are interested in our products, please contact us now!

frequently asked questions about वायु कंप्रेसर नियामक

Essentially, an air compressor regulator—you guessed it—regulates the air between your tank and the appliance you're plumbing it to. It's mostly used to reduce pressure so that the particular appliance you're using doesn't experience more pressure than it can actually handle.

The main air supply from the air compressor is connected to the air inlet of the regulator. Using the regulator, you can easily adjust the airflow to what is required for your specific application.

These regulators show you the actual air pressure produced by the air compressor and can also be adjusted. However, these air compressor regulators are mainly used to connect air tools and other small appliances. They come in handy in a DIY setting or in the garage.

If you are a beginning user of air tools/systems, you may need clarification on air regulators, air flow regulators and air pressure regulators.

Simply put, an airflow regulator controls airflow, while a gas pressure regulator limits pressure output. Collectively referred to as "air regulators". It varies according to the structure and usage environment.

Air regulators may also be referred to as "airflow valves" or "air regulator valves". Generally speaking, the structure of the air-regulating valve is relatively simple. Typically used to control flow and is suitable for use at the end of pneumatic systems. Especially when connected to air tools.

If you want to adjust the flow/air pressure, you can only adjust it while in use. The correct value is the number at the time of use, at which time the pressure flow can be adjusted. It should be noted that when the air pressure source changes, the value of the regulator will also change. Suitable for fixed air pressure source.

The other is the "air pressure regulator", which is usually set at the front end of the air pressure system. It can restrict air pressure outlets. Of course, it can also be used at the end of the system. But it will be a little heavier. However, voltage regulation services can be provided. It can help spraying users control the paint effect more conveniently. Either too much stress or less stress can have an impact.

The structure of the air regulator for the spray gun is a diaphragm structure. The outlet pressure is stable and not affected by changes in the air pressure source. Suitable for pressure shunt or power shunt, such as relay station shunt, to ensure the same pressure on each airline.


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