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High-performance air compressor pump by BISON

The compressor head is one of the critical parts of the compressor. Along with the compressor’s motor, the engine drives the entire mechanism. When purchasing this essential component, trust only high-quality product suppliers and manufacturers, such as BISON.

With over ten years of experience in pneumatic systems, BISON is happy to help you evaluate your needs to determine if a screw air compressor is suitable for your operation.

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BISON offer different types of air compressor pumps for various needs. These air compressor pumps are manufactured using advanced machinery and equipment in accordance with international quality standards. We are located in China.

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Air compressor Pump Choosing Guide

The air compressor head is our great product, ideal for light industrial, commercial, or professional users. People call them air compressor pumps,. they transform the energy coming from an input source—like fuel, electricity, etc.—and store it as potential energy in the form of compressed air. Used in conjunction with an air compressor, it can compress gas well.

It provides air source power, is the core equipment of the pneumatic system, and is the main body of the electromechanical lead air source device. It is mainly made of metal and is very strong and durable. BISON products are of reliable quality and can be used with confidence.

Air compressor pump working process

The functioning of the air compressor head is simple. It has an inlet valve for the normal air to go in. It also houses the air compressor plate through which air passes to the piston.

It compresses the air into a smaller volume, and the compressed air is stored in a storage tank. The pressurised air’s kinetic energy can be employed once the air has been released. Typically, a pressure limit is set, and the compressor systematically pressurises the air once it falls below the desired limit.

The compressor can run automatically and continuously without interruption. Air compressor pumps operate with reciprocating piston action or rotary pump action.

Air compressor pump purchasing factors

When purchasing an air compressor pump, we need to consider the following factors of the compressor pump.

Air compressor pump type

Air compressor pumps are classified based on various factors such as type of operation, stages of compression, pump power, required pressure, etc. Here, let us briefly examine the different types of air compressor pumps.

Air compressor pumps are divided into two categories according to their functions.

Reciprocating pumps

These are usually piston pumps that reciprocate. This type of air compressor pump can be seen in our range of hand bike pumps.

Rotary pumps

These operate in a rotating motion, with air being compressed and transferred from one end to the other. 

They can also be categorised according to the stage of compression as follows:

  • Single stage compression occurs in a single cylinder or chamber.
  • Multistage compression occurs at two or more locations in the pump.

Power rating

We need to consider the power rating of the air compressor pump for our application. Power is usually rated in horsepower (HP). Air compressor pumps range in power from 0.5 HP to some 400-500 HP pumps. Typically, an air compressor pump in the 1HP-40 HP range is used.

Pressure requirements

Depends on the air pressure to be maintained.

CFM – The rate at which the machine can provide compression, and the volume is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). CFM means the maximum amount of air; the compressor pump can provide the required pressure level.


We also have to investigate the reputation and quality of the manufacturer.


We need to evaluate products that fit our price range.


Depends on the manufacturer’s life expectancy and warranty.


BISON is known for offering a wide range of high-quality air compressor pumps. Due to the dedication of our hard-working professionals, we have built a reputation of providing the best air compressor pumps.

If you need to purchase air compressor pumps in bulk, please call us or contact Bison online.

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