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If you’re trying to decide where to purchase an air compressor. You’ve come to the right place. You’ll find everything you need to know about BISON air compressors, from their types, advantages and disadvantages, their applications, things to look at before purchasing or importing them, and lots more.

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Finding the right compressor can be daunting at first, especially for people who don’t know much about compressors.  To choose the suitable air compressor, you should understand the BISON air compressor features.

thermal protection

Thermal protection stops the compressor head, prevents overload damage and improves safety.

multiple couplers

Multiple couplers allow you to handle different tasks without connecting and disconnecting tools.

complete kit

Included accessories and tools, such as hoses, nail guns, and blow guns, add value to your investment.

Free customization

You can purchase an auxiliary gas tank to increase the gas storage capacity, or OEM other components.

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A detailed guide for beginners to advanced customers

Suppose you’re looking for an air compressor. In that case, BISON makes it easier for you – give us a call, and our experts will tell you precisely what you need.

BISON air compressors

What is an air compressor?

An air compressor is a pneumatic device that converts power into potential energy stored in pressurized air. In several ways, the air compressor forces more and more air into the tank, increasing the pressure. The air compressor will shut off when the tank’s pressure reaches its design upper limit.

The compressed air is then kept in the tank until it is used. The energy contained in compressed air can be used in various applications, utilizing kinetic energy as the air inside the tank is released, which ultimately depressurizes the tank.

When the tank pressure reaches its lower limit, the air compressor starts again and repressurizes the tank. An air compressor has to be differentiated from a pump as it works with any gas/air, whereas a pump works with liquids.

Things to keep in mind before purchasing or importing an air compressor


If you are not sure about your requirements or do not have a clear procurement goal, you will not be able to analyze the quotation provided by the supplier. The first and most important step is to determine the air compressor standard according to your requirements. Determine the tank capacity, power, and portability. Choosing the right supplier is the key to achieving the goal. Common criteria for finding suppliers include quality, price, service, delivery, and installation. The quality of BISON air compressor is excellent among other air compressors of the same price, and the product packaging is also very strong. At the same time, we also provide high-quality after-sale service, short delivery time and well-packed machine —- you only need to install the wheels yourself.
Flow rate

The flow rate you need will determine the air compressor size (most tools have a stated consumption in CFM m3/min or Liter/Sec). CFM requirements may vary from machine to machine. Standard CFM, displacement CFM and actual CFM are different types of CFM measurements. Don’t forget that if you have multiple air tools that are running simultaneously, other tools have a multiplier factor, and you should choose your compressor accordingly.


Secondly, you have to check the level of power your application requires. Power levels will affect who you sell to, be it more homeowners or workers who need a professional air compressor


Thirdly, you have to check the pressure requirements for the application.

Duty cycle

This means, how often is the air compressor going to run? Inexpensive machines offer 30-40% duty, which means they run for just 20 minutes every hour. There are some 100% duty machines, which means they don’t have to stop and can run continuously.


You must also estimate where your customers will use the compressor. How much space do they have? If it’s a confined space, you must look for small-size compressors. There are a lot of machines available that you can purchase from BISON that is compact and can easily be used in smaller spaces. At the same time, for a container, it can transport more machines at one time, helping you save costs

Air quality

Then you have to look at the air quality requirement, which can vary depending on the application. BISON can help you with these needs. You can talk to our experts, who will guide you on which air compressor best suits your needs.

Air compressor power supply

Electric compressors are the most common model. They require less maintenance than gasoline-powered models, produce less sound, and can work in any area with readily available electricity. Electric compressors are suitable for indoor work.

Many domestic compressors run on 120 volts of household current, but larger models may have different requirements. Portable electric compressors require a suitable extension cord, which limits mobility.Depending on the model, the air compressor can be plugged into a 120-volt household outlet or a 12-volt auto accessory outlet.

Gasoline-powered/Diesel-powered air compressors are a good option for outdoor work areas where power is limited or unavailable. They usually have more horsepower than electric models to produce more PSI.

Reliability and quality

The quality of air compressors determines their lasting performance. Top air compressor suppliers focus on improving the efficiency and reliability of air compressors. Consequently, it is always recommended to take durability and quality in air compressors into the top consideration. Excellent quality is the reason why BISON has stood firm in the air compressor industry for so many years. We don’t fight the price with the market, we only do our own business, concentrate on researching air compressors, and maximize the interests of our distributors.


There are various types of compressors, from small to large, portable and stationary. Oil-free air compressors are ideal for many daily applications. With the increasing demand for compressed air in our lives, we often need to inflate car tires by ourselves, or use some pneumatic tools. Unlike rotary screw compressors, oil-free compressors are designed for daily use of compressed air. The principle of compressing air is the same as that of industrial air compressors. However, due to its portability, safety and price advantages, it seems that every family must have an air compressor. Therefore, more and more distributors have begun to order and sell oil-free air compressors. BISON’s oil-free air compressors are relatively advanced and unique in the world.

Type of air compressors

Positive displacement compressors include various air compressors that generate power through air displacement. Air compressors in this category work using different internal mechanisms, but the principle is the same.There are two types of positive displacement compressors, which are:

a) Screw compressor

Screw compressors are typical displacement compressors and are one of the easiest air compressors to maintain. This is because they are equipped with an internal cooling system and do not require much maintenance. They are usually large industrial air compressor that can run with or without oil.

Screw air compressors generate energy through two counter-rotating internal rotors. air is trapped between the two opposing rotors and increases pressure within the housing. Thanks to the internal cooling system, these air compressors are designed for continuous use and range in power from 5 hp to 350 hp.

b) Reciprocating compressor

Another famous positive displacement compressor is the reciprocating compressor. These are often found in smaller workplaces such as garages and home construction projects. Unlike rotary screw compressors, reciprocating compressors are not designed for continuous use.

Reciprocating air compressors have more moving parts than rotary screw compressors, and these parts are lubricated with oil for smoother motion.

These air compressors work with pistons inside cylinders that compress and displace air to create pressure. Reciprocating compressors can have single-stage or multi-stage variations, which affect the pressure range they can reach.

When you need more power, multi-stage compressors are your best choice. While single-stage compressors will do the work for small projects like woodworking and metalworking, multi-stage compressors provide the power needed for intensive construction, such as automotive assembly and maintenance. Multi-stage reciprocating compressors can easily reach up to 30 hp.

# step3: Budget and Profits

You also have to see your budget. Because most of the time, customers are short on budget. But don’t worry, BISON offers many cost-effective options to choose from. Analyzing the profit after obtaining the quotation is also a very important step. First compare the compressor model, quality and consistency of the products. Then produce a preliminary scientific pricing for the product, and analyze whether it can bring benefits to your own business. In other words, can this offer allow distributors to generate considerable profits.

# step4: warranty and service

When purchasing or importing a compressor, the cost doesn’t stop only when you buy the machine. Repairing industrial air compressor systems is expensive. At this time, the advantages of BISON air compressors appear again-your sales and after-sales costs are low. In most cases, as long as the parts are simply replaced, the air compressor can be put into efficient work again. Many of BISON’s compressor ranges are designed with low maintenance requirements and costs and operate efficiently. Besides, BISON will also actively provide you with maintenance, spare parts and other after-sales services.

#step5: installations and package

Installing the air compressor unit is a complicated process. BISON has also taken this into consideration for you. Therefore, BISON products are sold as complete machines, and only the wheels and foot pads need to be installed by yourself. It is very simple and convenient. The wheels and foot pads are packaged as accessories. This saves the packaging height of the machine. The advantage is that one container can hold more machines. Different products will choose suitable packaging according to their weight and volume. Generally, light and small oil-free air compressors choose to use carton packaging. This greatly reduces transportation costs, but does not affect transportation efficiency at all. Therefore, it is undoubtedly a wise choice to order more oil-free air compressors for sales.

#step6: reputed suppliers

In a highly competitive market, look for reputable suppliers. You will receive qualified advice and support during the purchasing process and into the future. BISON strictly controls the quality of air compressors and also provides active after-sales service. Please rest assured to choose us.

Every employee of BISON regards integrity as the first element of cooperation, which is the basic requirement for us to achieve long-term cooperation. Cooperate with high-quality suppliers who have the courage to take responsibility, and strive to solve these problems quickly. 

If you have any questions, our team is here to listen, advise and help you, so you can rest assured that we will help you choose the machine that matches your needs.

Applications of air compressors

Air compressors are used for many applications, including high-pressure clean air for gas cylinders, medium-pressure clean air for divers supplied with underwater surfaces, and medium-pressure clean air for driving some office and school building valves pneumatic HVAC control systems.

Provides large quantities of medium-pressure air to drive air tools such as jackhammers, filling high-pressure air tanks (HPA), filling tires, and for extensive industrial processes such as oxidation as petroleum coking or baghouse systems in cement plants.

Air compressors are also widely used in mining, oil and gas, mining, and drilling applications such as flushing media, mud aeration in underbalanced drilling, and air pigging of pipelines.

Most air compressors are reciprocating pistons, rotary vane, or rotary screws. Centrifugal compressors are typical in large applications, while rotary screw, scroll, and reciprocating air compressors are preferred for small to medium-sized applications.

air compressor FAQs

Generally, most air compressors produce sound between 40dB and 100dB. This isn't quiet. However, there are loud and ultra-quiet air compressors on the market. Some older air compressors get more audible and less performant with age, while modern manufacturers focus on techniques to make their compressors as quiet as possible.

These air pressure limits are called "cut-in" and "cut-off" pressures. These pressures provide the "start pumping" or "stop pumping" signal to the air compressor pump and motor.


These signals are sent to the compressor motor through the air compressor pressure switch, which is an integral part of the air compressor control system to ensure safety and efficiency.

Compressors should be used with care like any mechanical instrument or tool for the first time. Make sure the maximum pressure is set correctly and at a safe level by monitoring the pressure on the pressure gauge as the air compressor fills the air storage tank.

The purpose of these two gauges is to differentiate between the regulation of the air pressure sent to the tank and the intensity of the pressurization occurring within the tank.

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