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rubber wheel 3hp direct driven compressor

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BISON DV47-50 3HP direct-driven compressor features a high-quality V-configured pump unit that contributes to a compact and lightweight design, resulting in a lighter weight. BISON DV47-50 is suitable for all kinds of pneumatic tools, can also be used in factories and workshops where compressed air is required on a daily basis, and can also meet the portable air needs of various environments.

  • Durable 3HP motor, cast iron cylinder, piston and cylinder head provide long life, minimum maintenance requirements and maximum durability.
  • 100% copper rotors provide greater heat transfer than aluminium rotors, resulting in lower operating temperatures for improved efficiency and longer component life.
  • A high-efficiency silencer reduces the noise level to 90dB(A) at 1m from the compressor inlet.
  • The paperless high-performance air filter cleans the air before it enters the compressor to maximize cooling and extend component life.
  • An automatic overload protection device protects the motor from overheating caused by overuse of the compressor, while an electronic sensor detects a low oil level and automatically stops the motor from running until oil is added to bring it back to normal operating range.
  • Slim design allows installation in tight spaces, it also features a sturdy steel frame, integrated handles for easy transport, and integrated wheels for easy movement around the workshop, home or garden
  • Large pressure gauge for accurate pressure readings

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BISON offers a full range of customized services, which we tailor for every customer. OEM everything on BISON rubber wheel 3hp direct driven compressor including different power requirements, functional requirements, component configurations, etc.

In addition to customization, different shipping packages can be provided according to your requirements.

The best rubber wheel 3hp direct driven compressor manufacturing company in the world, you can find it in some of the most demanding and critical installations. That’s why thousands of people and industries rely on the quality and reliability of BISON air compressors!

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