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    Standard forms of maintenance are not enough for air compressors. To ensure the smooth running of operations and avoid disruptions and unplanned downtime, it is critical to develop a compressor maintenance plan to prevent (rather than respond to) problems with the air compressor and all connected tools and machinery.

    صيانة ضواغط الهواء

    Difference between preventive and standard air compressor maintenance

    Maintenance is a standard procedure in small businesses, equivalent to replenishing toner and software and hardware upgrades. Essentially, standard maintenance is what you do with equipment that continues to work until it expires or is obsoleted by new technology.

    In a facility that uses high-tech machinery, in order to guarantee the functionality and longevity of all the expensive equipment, you must undertake additional maintenance. For an air compressor, for example, you need to implement a preventative maintenance program that regularly inspects the compressor and its system peripherals to ensure everything is running optimally.

    Preventive maintenance aims to catch mechanical problems before they spread and require expensive repairs and system downtime. Therefore, preventative maintenance includes inspections of all appropriate system components—some on a daily schedule, others on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis—to ensure everything is in order. If you catch a problem early, you can take steps to correct it.

    In some cases, preventive maintenance involves low-cost measures that help avoid more costly situations. For example, when maintenance personnel notices a minor crack in a compressor belt, replacing the belt can help your company prevent a more costly situation where the belt breaks, the compressor stops working, and production stops as employees work to identify the problem and take necessary action steps to restore the system to normal operation.

    جدول صيانة ضاغط الهواء

    Due to the cumulative nature of performance difficulties, an air compressor maintenance programme must be put in place by all companies. This will help you remember which maintenance tasks need to be completed in a given day, week, month, season or year. Without this kind of schedule, it’s easy for companies to forget which machines and parts haven’t been maintained. With timely, proper maintenance, you can avoid the slowdowns and financial risks that often accompany compressor failure.

    نصائح صيانة ضاغط الهواء

    maintenance air compressor

    Air compressors use a series of processes to convert incoming ambient air into a power source for tools and machinery. Therefore, an air compressor consists of multiple components, each of which must be maintained to ensure its proper functioning. Basically, the compressor needs to change the oil, clean the filter and check the aftercooler every three months. It also requires changing the filter and tightening the connections at least once a year.

    1. Read the user manual

    The owner’s manual can be used to handle some of the most typical issues with air compressors. While it sounds simple enough, many air compressor owners completely forget the manual and turn to distress calls—even for some of the easiest problems to remedy. For example, there might be a problem with one of the connections or portals that might not make sense initially. A very common mistake, in this case, is for operators to manually modify things in hopes of fixing the problem. However, never attempt to repair anything on the air compressor without first reading the owner’s manual. Not following this step can cost you. An improper adjustment may void your warranty if you recently purchased your compressor.

    Of course, you’ll need to be patient with the manual, as it may take a few minutes to find a solution to the problem. Regardless, an air compressor owner’s manual can help you fix some of the more common everyday problems the right way and avoid the types of mistakes that can void your warranty.

    2. Daily pre-checks

    Checking your equipment daily will help you avoid costly equipment breakdowns. It is very important to inspect the device for any damage thoroughly, and you should always double-check the in/out process of the device. As part of their daily pre-inspection, you should inspect hoses for kinks, inspect wires for cuts and fraying, inspect pipes for damage, and make sure connections are secure. Then, check the controls, gauges, accessories, and instruments to make sure there are no loose fittings or damage.

    3. Tighten the nuts and bolts

    As the air compressor wears out, some nuts and bolts are bound to come loose after months of daily use. After all, as a machine vibrates, so do the parts that make up the machine. Loose screws and fasteners aren’t a sign that the machine is falling apart, just that it’s time to pull out the wrench.

    When one thinks about how easy it is to unscrew various household items, it’s no surprise that the nut on the compressor comes loose. This looseness is usually the result of vibration, which is exacerbated when an air compressor is used to power heavy tools.

    لتحديد ما إذا كانت الصمولة أو البراغي هي المشكلة المطروحة بالفعل ، اختبر كل قفل يدويًا لمعرفة ما إذا كانت هناك أي مشاكل. أمسك المفتاح بإحكام ، وقم بلف القفل الرخو حتى تشعر بإحكام البرغي. فقط أدر الجوز إلى الوضع الذي لم يعد يتحرك فيه. إذا حاولت شد الصامولة أكثر من اللازم ، يمكنك نزع البرغي.

    4. Clean the intake valve

    In order for an air compressor to run at full capacity, it must have a clean intake. When you use the compressor for weeks on end, dust particles and other elements that combine with air are bound to be drawn into the vents. As a result, it’s crucial to frequently clean the vents. 

    Problems due to clogged air intakes can be persistent if you use an air compressor for tools that generate dust elements. For example, pneumatic sanders and woodcutters inevitably produce hard dust particles that can quickly accumulate inside the vents.

    The intake valve can also become dirty in a work environment with various air-bound particles. When the ground on a construction site is broken, the pneumatic tools used in the process throw up dirt particles into the air. The same is true for factories that pack culinary products like flour, salt and sugar in containers, bags and boxes.

    لضمان جودة الهواء الداخل ، نظف صمام السحب كل ثلاثة أشهر على الأقل بغض النظر عن مكان العمل. 

    5. Check the hoses

    الخرطوم هو أحد عناصر مجموعة ضاغط الهواء الأكثر عرضة للتلف. كمكون ينقل الهواء المضغوط بين الماكينة ونقطة نهاية معينة ، يجب أن يكون الخرطوم صلبًا ومحكمًا ولكنه فضفاض ومرن. نتيجة لذلك ، تخضع الخراطيم للكثير من العمل وتكون عرضة للضغط بمرور الوقت.

    يمكن أن يؤدي ضغط الهواء غير المتسق إلى تفاقم المشكلة. إذا كان الضغط مرتفعًا جدًا ، فسيتمدد الخرطوم أثناء نقل الهواء من الماكينة إلى أداة هواء معينة. إذا تبعت فترة الضغط الزائد فترة من الضغط المنخفض ، فإن الخرطوم سوف ينكمش قليلاً. يمكن أن يتسبب الانحناء والطي في حدوث تلف بسهولة أثناء تحرك الخرطوم.

    افحص الخراطيم بانتظام للتأكد من أن الضاغط لا يتأخر بسبب تآكل الخرطوم. إذا لاحظت وجود تجاعيد أو علامات تآكل ، فاستبدل الخرطوم بآخر جديد. إذا تم التجاهل ، فإن الخرطوم البالي يمكن أن يجعل ضاغط الهواء غير فعال.

    6. Replace the air filter

     استبدل مرشح الهواء

    Throughout the daily life cycle, the filter inside the air compressor traps a lot of waste. Filters are designed to withstand heavy loads. Without a filter, dust and other impurities can easily drag down the air compressor and reduce the performance of air tools.

    تعد نقاء الهواء أمرًا بالغ الأهمية للتطبيقات التي تستخدم أدوات الطلاء والتجفيف بالهواء المضغوط. فقط تخيل كيف ستبدو هذه التطبيقات بدون عملية ترشيح الهواء هذه. على سبيل المثال ، قد ينتهي الأمر بالأسطح المطلية إلى أن يتم رصدها أو تكون رملية أو غير متسقة بطرق أخرى.

    In an assembly plant, the quality of an air filter determines the success or failure of an entire product line. Even if the problematic assembly line can be salvaged, the pneumatic application that caused the problem must be redone.

    However, even the filter has its own limits. While the filter’s job is to collect all the dust that could infect the compressed air and degrade the quality of endpoint operation, as the filter fills up, the filter’s capacity worsens. Therefore, it is crucial to replace the air filter every year.

    7. Drain the condensed water from the water tank

    An inevitable by-product of compressed air is moisture, which accumulates inside the machine in the form of condensation. The moisture tank inside the air compressor is designed to draw moisture out of the outgoing air. By doing this, the air will still be dry and unpolluted when it reaches the finish. 

    In situations where the endpoints are prone to water damage, moisture in compressed air is especially problematic. The effectiveness of pneumatic paint applications might also suffer from moisture. For example, in an auto assembly plant, paint coats and finishes on an automobile production line can end up weak and speckled if too much moisture dilutes the paint. When you factor in the high cost of car assembly, an undrained condensate tank can lead to some expensive and time-consuming redoing.

    كما هو الحال مع فلاتر الهواء ، سيمتلئ خزان المياه في النهاية. إذا امتلأ الخزان أكثر من اللازم ، يمكن أن ينتقل الماء إلى أجزاء أخرى من الجهاز ويعيد إصابة الهواء مرة أخرى. ومما زاد الطين بلة ، أن الماء يمكن أن يتعفن وينشر الروائح والشوائب من خلال نظام الهواء المضغوط. لذلك ، من الضروري تصريف خزان المياه بانتظام.

    8. Clean the compressor oil tank

    تتطلب ضواغط الهواء التي تعمل بالوقود صيانة سنوية إضافية. تتضمن المشكلة هنا جزيئات الوقود التي تتراكم في الخزان وتصبح سامة بمرور الوقت. إذا لم يتم تنظيف خزان الوقود نفسه مرة واحدة سنويًا ، فقد يصبح السائل الذي يعد شريان الحياة للآلة سامًا في النهاية.

    لتنظيف خزان الزيت ، قم بتصريفه من أي بنزين متبقٍ ، ثم قم بتنظيف الخزان بالمكنسة الكهربائية من الداخل. اعتمادًا على تصميم خزان الزيت ، قد يلزم استبدال الفلتر لإزالة أي حطام متبقي.

    9. Check the air compressor shutdown system

    يحتاج ضاغط الهواء أحيانًا إلى إغلاق نفسه لحماية نفسه. والمثال النموذجي هو عندما ترتفع درجة حرارة الآلة ولا يمكن أن تعمل بشكل كامل. في حالة العمل في مثل هذه الظروف ، قد ترتفع درجة حرارة الجزء الداخلي من الجهاز ، مما يؤدي في النهاية إلى تعطل الأجزاء. كلما كبرت الآلة ، زادت الخسائر في هذه الحالة وزادت التكلفة.

    Most compressors today are equipped with a safety shut-off mechanism for internal protection. The mechanism is designed to kick in when the compressor becomes too hot or pressurized to operate properly. In the same way, as an overheated computer shuts down and restarts, an air compressor’s shutdown system protects its internal components from burning out.

    However, the mechanism itself may sometimes fail to activate. In wet operating conditions, where the high intensity of a specific operation and the pressure it puts on the compressor are mixed with the ambient air temperature, the shutdown can be a significant issue. 

    راجع دليل المالك للحصول على إرشادات حول فحص نظام الأمان لديك والتأكد من أنه يعمل بشكل صحيح.

    10. Change the oil

    Air compressors don’t always use oil, but those that do need to have their oil changed are like vehicles. The oil must stay fresh and plump to keep the various engine parts moving smoothly. In wet work environments, the oil loses its viscosity and ultimately fails to provide proper lubrication to the various internal components of the air compressor. This lack of lubrication can cause metal friction and stress along moving metal parts, which can wear out and fail before they appear. Likewise, cooler working conditions can cause the oil to become sticky — especially when moisture gets into the mix.

    في بداية كل دورة خدمة ، قم بتعبئة الزيت. قم بتغيير الزيت كل ربع سنة أو بعد حوالي 8000 ساعة ، أيهما يأتي أولاً. إذا تركت الجهاز في وضع الخمول لعدة أشهر ، فاستبدله بمصدر زيت جديد. للدوران الفعال ، يحتاج الزيت إلى اللزوجة الصحيحة وأن يكون خاليًا من الشوائب. 

    11. Replace the oil/air Separator

    تعمل ضواغط الهواء المشحمة بالزيت داخليًا برذاذ زيت. بمعنى آخر ، يعمل الضاغط مع الهواء لتفريق الزيت داخل الماكينة. ومع ذلك ، قبل أن يغادر الهواء الجهاز ، يتم استخلاص الزيت من الهواء من خلال فاصل الزيت. لذلك ، تظل الماكينة مشحمة بينما يظل الهواء جافًا عند نقاط النهاية.

    لذلك ، إذا توقف فاصل الزيت عن العمل بشكل صحيح ، فقد يتلوث الهواء بالزيت. يمكن أن يكون وجود ضباب الزيت كارثيًا بالنسبة للوظائف الهوائية المختلفة. في التطبيقات التي تتضمن استخدام أدوات الرش التي تعمل بالهواء ، يمكن أن يصيب رذاذ الزيت الطلاء وينتج عنه طلاء مرقط وغير جاف على سطح معين. لذلك - لضمان بقاء الهواء المضغوط نقيًا وخاليًا من الزيت - من الضروري تغيير فلتر الزيت بعد كل 2000 ساعة من الاستخدام أو أقل.

    12. Lubricate motor bearings

    With constant motion, you must ensure the bearings are well-lubricated to keep the motor running at full capacity. If there is not enough lubrication, the bearings can seize, and you will find that the motor in your hand is failing and needs to fix a bigger problem.

    13. Check the belt

    Belt inspection is another important compressor maintenance inspection that can save you time and money in the long run. Having the correct belt tension that is balanced and strong is essential for smooth operation. When you ignore maintenance inspections of the belt, you expose the rubber of the belt to wear and tear, which can cause the belt to break.

    frequently asked questions about Air Compressor Maintenance

    Unless you use it rarely, you don't need to drain the compressor after every use. A good practice is to drain the compressor tank every few days for daily use. This can help you remove condensation and moisture that has built up in the tank, thereby slowing down the corrosion process.

    Depending on the size and type of compressor, air compressors can operate anywhere from a few hours a day to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    It is recommended that you empty the tank every day, either manually or automatically. Standing water in the tank can cause rust on the bottom of the tank, forcing you to invest in a new tank. If you find yourself forgetting to empty your tank, you should consider purchasing an electronic drain valve.

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