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BISON pressure relief valve is a quality product made in China, it is designed for use with all types of air compressors.

BISON is a leading manufacturer of air compressor pressure relief valves to protect air compressors from overpressure and damage. We are known for supplying quality products at a competitive price range.

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BISON offer a wide range of compressor pressure relief valve sizes and configurations to meet your specific needs, and we can even create custom solutions to fit unique applications.

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BISON compressor pressure relief valve

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صمام تخفيف ضغط الضاغط

BISON air compressor pressure relief valves are manufactured to be highly sustainable and durable. These valves are known for their excellent function and high efficiency. Precisely manufactured using high-grade metals under the guidance of our experts, these valves are ideal for ensuring accurate performance in all conditions.

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What is an air compressor pressure relief valve?

A straightforward yet essential component of every air compressor system are air compressor pressure relief valves, often known as relief valves. Pressure relief valves control and limit pressure build-up in the system. The pressure relief valve automatically opens and releases air till the pressure drops if the pressure exceeds the limit allowed by the pressure relief valve.

Why is a pressure relief valve important?

The pressure relief valve keeps everyone safe. If the pressure in an air compressor system or air receiver tank gets too high, one or more components could explode, and a pressure relief valve prevents this from happening.

Pressure relief valves should not be rated to operate at a pressure higher than the maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP) indicated on the air pressure container. This requirement ensures that the relief valve always opens before the vessel reaches its maximum pressure tolerance.

How does a pressure relief valve work?

Pressure relief valves for air compressor systems are simple spring-loaded mechanisms. When the inlet pressure exceeds the spring load, the safety valve opens proportionally to the pressure increase and allows air to “bleed” as needed.

Pressure relief valves for compressed air applications directly act and respond automatically if the pressure becomes too high. If overpressurization occurs, the disc seal moves upwards as system pressure resists the spring, keeping the valve closed. If the force of the compressed air exceeds the force exerted by the spring, the disc lifts off the seat, and the valve discharges the compressed air into the atmosphere.

Wholesale Essentials of Compressor Pressure Relief Valve

Pressure vessels purchased separately from the air compressor may need to be equipped with a pressure relief valve. The addition of a pressure relief valve is essential to ensure safe operation. If you’re in the market for a compressor pressure relief valve, there are several factors to consider before making a purchase. Here’s a buying guide to help you make an informed decision:

Type of valve

There are two main types of compressor pressure relief valves – direct spring-loaded valves and pilot-operated valves. Direct spring-loaded valves are simple and cost-effective, but may not be suitable for high-pressure applications. Pilot-operated valves are more complex, but offer better accuracy and control.

Connection size

The valve size must correspond to the size of the inlet and discharge piping. The inlet and discharge piping connected to the valve must be at least as large as the inlet/discharge opening of the valve itself. The mounting options should also be carefully considered. These all affect the size and weight of the component.

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Temperature affects the volume of air flowing through a system. Temperature also helps determine the ideal material of construction for the valve. For example, steel valves can withstand higher operating temperatures than valves made of bronze or iron. Valves made of stainless steel are also more suitable for corrosive media.


Brass tends to be the most commonly used material and can provide the greatest bang for your buck. Aluminum may be a better choice if weight is an important consideration, and plastic is a better choice if low cost is desired. Other material consideration is the material used for the seal and its compatibility. Some options are fluorocarbon, EPDM, silicone, and most commonly, nitrile.

Set pressure (PSI)

Set pressure, measured in pounds per square inch (PSI), is the pressure at which a relief or relief valve opens.

Valves must not be set to pressures that exceed the maximum allowable working pressure of the PRV. Besides, the maximum pressure of the equipment should be at least 10% greater than the highest expected working pressure under normal conditions.

traffic requirements

It is also important to consider what the maximum flow rate of the system is and whether it varies widely or not at all. This will require sufficient special configuration and possible orifice.

frequently asked questions about صمام تخفيف ضغط الضاغط

For most BISON compressors, it is recommended to check for damage or leaks, but testing is not recommended as doing so may affect the performance of the valve. You can inspect the PRV and know if it is in the age or condition the manufacturer recommends for replacement.

A set pressure function test should be performed at least annually to maintain the effectiveness of the pressure relief valve over the long term. At BISON, we recommend inspecting relief valves annually for signs of corrosion or loss of function.

To test the function of the pressure relief valve, open the system and allow it to operating pressure. To depressurize the system, pull the ring on the pressure relief valve. Shut down the system and ensure that the system returns to operating pressure when the system is restarted. If the pressure valve is showing a loss of function, please get in touch with your local authorized BISON dealer for replacement parts. Relief valve failure can cause air/tank overpressure, leading to system failure or rupture.

If you are running a system other than a BISON air compressor, check your manual or contact the manufacturer for detailed instructions on how to test your compressor pressure relief valve.

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